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Guangdong Ruizhou Technology Co., Ltd., specializes in the development and application of soft material intelligent CNC Cutting Machine and related CAD/CAM software for such industries as footwear, garments, suitcases & bags, cartons, lamps and autos. Located in Foshan City, China, our company is a National Torch Plan High-tech Enterprise which integrates the development, manufacture and marketing & sales of flat computerized digital cutting plotter and related mechanical-electrical products.

Guided by the corporate motto we strive for what you demand, Ruizhou teams have, for the past decades, continuously made progress both technically and intellectually. And the corporate spirit The Client Comes First and Striving Constantly For The Better has been fully expressed in the development of digital cutting plotter and RZCAM/CAM software. We meticulously select every component for our products and attach great importance both in functions and appearance of our products. In addition to the acquisition of several patents as Chinese practical new-tech products and designs, Ruizhou being accredited by ISO9001: 2015, is also granted the title of Private High-Tech Enterprise by the Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province.

With reliable technological supports, reasonable prices, excellent and prompt service, and efficient management as cornerstones for progress, Ruizhou serves clients with great sincerity, making its way into world market with quality services, establishing brand with credibility and striving for the best so as to win the trust and recognition of clients. Our current markets include South Korea, Indonesia, Mexico, Malaysia, Vietnam, as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan region, our products have been well received by numerous enterprises and designing institutes from across the world.

RUIZHOU Technology has been dedicated in supplying informationized and automatic design and whole solution of intelligent cnc cutting machine for a broad community of soft material manufacturers, which serves the realization of the confluence of informationization and industrialization, and eventually serves the implementation of the industrial transformation and promotion of Industry 4.0 from Made in China to Invented in China. 

Ruizhou is waiting for you in the new IT era!

  • 18ویں ویتنام بین الاقوامی پرنٹنگ اور پیکجنگ/فوڈ پروسیسنگ انڈسٹری نمائش
  • 18 واں چائنا انٹرنیشنل فیشن برانڈ فیئر-شینزن


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